The International Society for Ecological Modelling Global Conference 2023

The International Society for Ecological Modelling Global Conference 2023: Ecological Models for Tomorrow’s Solutions

2-6 May 2023 | University of Toronto, Scarborough, Canada


The International Society for Ecological Modelling Global Conference 2023 (ISEM 2023), under the theme ‘Ecological Models for Tomorrow’s Solutions’, will bring together scientists from all professions and applications that deal with the use of ecological models and systems ecology.

Toronto shall be the inspiring space for the Ecological Modelling community to meet, discuss and share ideas. In this conference, ecological modellers will join in their ongoing effort in advancing the concepts and methods of ecological modelling to develop ecological theory in a wide range of topics and modelling approaches.

We are inviting contributions that present novel strategies to improve the contribution of models to environmental management, including the development of ecological model ensembles, novel uncertainty analysis techniques, Bayesian inference methods, emerging techniques of data assimilation and model optimization.


Abstract submission deadline – 25 November 2022.

  • Dynamic ecosystem models

  • Uncertainty analysis

  • Ensemble modelling

  • Data assimilation and optimization techniques

  • Machine learning and (big) data

  • Model integration, metamodels

  • Individual-based modelling

  • Software and tools

  • Bioenergetics: Dynamic energy budget models

  • Network modelling

  • Models of socio-ecological systems

  • Models of global, climate and land-use change

  • Sustainability and resilience

  • Ecosystem services

  • Biodiversity and conservation

  • Community models

  • Marine ecology and fisheries

  • Forests

  • Freshwaters (lakes and rivers)

  • Models of epidemics

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