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I-Hsin Hsia


I-Hsin Hsia

Position:Departmental Assistant

Tel : (03)890-3277

Email :  heart630@gms.ndhu.edu.tw

Fax : 03-890-0157

Job Description:

  1. Course-related matters for the whole college
  2. Management of curriculum system
  3. Students add and withdraw course selection, course selection homework
  4. Manage Department TA (Teaching Assistant)
  5. Manage Department RA (Admission Scholarship)
  6. Manage Excellent Scholarship for Postgraduate Academic Research
  7. Manage School Affairs Office work-study student funding management and employment of labor and health insurance operations
  8. Manage Student cross-domain independent learning and certification system work
  9. Department-level and teacher official document management
  10. Seminar Lecture announcement, school announcement system management


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