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Ph. D. Program on Natural Resources and Environmental Studies


For applicants to the Ph.D. program in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, we strongly advise you to seek a potential advisor from the Department before applying. Prior to applying, please take some time to review members of our faculty and identify those who may share similar research interests with you. Our department consists of twenty-six (26) faculty members with broad fields of interests from earth science, ecology and conservation, environmental policy to environmental education. You can find further information regarding these faculty members, their research interests and contact information at the link. Please write or email the faculty which you are interested in working with to inquire their ability to take you on as a potential advisee.

This program is supported by twenty-six (26) full-time faculty members of the College of Environmental Studies with expertise spanning ecosystem study and environmental education, and external faculty members. Students receive effective training and study guidance from their advisory committee members.